Bring Back the Cold War

February 27, 2008

In the BBC today there is an article on Russian president Vladimir Putin’s goverment and their repression of free speech. According to the report “outspoken journalists” have been murdered and there hasn’t been any investigation. There are also concerns of police brutality towards protestors.

From the sound of the reports Putin is bringing back cold war era Russia. Part of me thinks that this might keep things simple in the future, lets bring back the fallout drills, nuclear missle tests, and Red scares. Fighting wars is much simpler the good guys carry M-16’s and go to church and listen to rock’n roll and the bad guys carry Ak-47’s, hate puppies and freedom.


Ode to Wikis

February 25, 2008

I really like wikis. I would say I like them alot but thats not quite correct.  Wikis are great tools I think because it is possible for just about anyone to contribute. I also appreciate wikis because they are very simple to use, very straight foward without all the bells and whistles of a blogg


February 11, 2008

rats.jpgOnce you get past the dead rat aspect and the chewy bones it’s not half bad.

Well actually, as appealing as eating rats sounds no rats are harmed or dismembered in the process of making this fine cuisine.

I was rather disappointed to find that Ratatouille contains no meat at all. Rather the majority of the dish is eggplant of all things. Tomato sauce, pepper and onions make up the rest of it with some garlic, mushroom and basil for seasoning. It’s not bad if you’re starving and you don’t know what’s in it when you’re actually eating it.

However if you are truly interested in eating rats like I am, than take a trip south to Louisiana. There are several Cajun dishes cooked with Nutria meat. A Nutria is a 12-18 lbs swamp rat that has been hunted down south for the last forty years.

I say bring on the spices and dead rodents, because vegetables just won’t cut it for me.

Recipe for Nutria Sauce and other information on Nutria

Recipe for Ratatouille

I recently watched this 2004 flick for a second time, I found it’s dark sense of humor very refreshing in a time when everything on the news has a dark paranoia to it.

The plot starts simply as Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) sets out on a quest to kill a leopard shark that ate his best friend and hinted lover. Along the way he meets his supposed son Ned Plimpton (Owen Wilson) that he has not heard from  for many years.

Along the way there are pirates, swamp leeches, nerdy scientists and a cast of awesome actors. Including Willem Dafoe, Cate Blanchet, and Jeff Goldblum.  

This movie speaks to me, I’m not entirely sure why but I find new and hidden jokes and sarcasm in it every time I watch it. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something of the bizarre and oddly funny.

Also if you like David Bowie then be aware of his musical talents being covered in french throughout the movie.

As character John McClain said in the latest Die Hard installment “You have got to be running out of bad guys by now. What is there some hot line you call…”

Looking at the latest on the war on terror I couldn’t help but think that. According to the BBC Another top al Qaeda official got zapped in Afghanistan. Abu Laith al-Libi can be added to the list of “evil-doers” that have been whacked as a result of America’s military actions.

Hooray! another terrorist went to meet the prophet (peace be upon him) .

Yet this latest leader is just one more in a long list of targets that have been eliminated. This leaves me to wonder, just how effective is this action seems to me to be rather like trapping mice kill one and they keep coming, kill another and they still eat you out of house and home.

I don’t claim to know the answers but I think this announcement is more of a propaganda scheme for both sides, pro-taliban and al-qaeda have rallied Libis’ death as a martyrdom and G.W. just adds another notch on his pistol justifying the cause so more men die in the field or are separated from their homes.

My opinion these terrorist leaders are not worth the sacrifice that has been given. These guys just keep coming back we need a new plan.


January 28, 2008

So this is what a blogg is hmmm funny I always figured it would be… I don’t know snowing or humid, seems my life is always revolving around snow or humidity.